SexArt 15 12 02 Tracy Lindsay Vox Episode 1

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Tracy Lindsay – Vox Episode 1
Released: December 2, 2015
SexArt superstar Tracy Lindsay is initially modest besides together as she presents herself moreover embarks to understand from Nicholson Cook’s format “Vox.” However as the format’s arousing happy creates to grab make, Tracy grows both sweetly ashamed further charmingly titillated, stumbling above her proverbs plus respiration heavily. Someday, her surface of quiescent failures wholly; looking depressed, humble furthermore laughing, she can almost pursue, moreover it befalls vindicate she is profoundly aroused. Arms trembling, declare shaking, gasping for whiff, she is overwhelmed by a surge of vivid brute delight. Whereas she can appropriate the cam’s stare further, it is beside an ambiguous aspect – segment bashful, parcel empowered. However “Vox (a lesson task)” doesn’t aim there. We after view Tracy as a chief intercourse whistle, in a dark net bodysuit that displays another than it secretes. She caresses her firm nipples sensuously, stroking intermediate her parted flanks, directly surrendering merely to her disturbance. Peeling away the adjust, she pointers her snatch avidly. Blowing her thumbs, rocking her haunchs, her toned belly brawns wave as her peak tears ended her want a wilderness heat. The initial scene of chairperson Alis Locanta’s intriguing “Vox” series, ammunition in 4K on Ruddy Unit MX cam, this rejoices unit of our most unrestrained further multi-faceted beauties in unforgettable rage.

File: sart.15.12.02.tracy.lindsay.vox.episode.1.4k.mp4
Size: 2.80 GiB
Duration: 13mn 45s
Resolution: 3840×2160
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Audio: AAC, 2 channels, 317 Kbps