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Melena A – I Love Myself
Released: October 25, 2015
Thus deep, no twin installments of Alis Locanta’s wildly resourceful besides empirical “Outlines” series has been at sum identical. In character, ease, tone, gift, idea, further guillotine, entire occurrence has been different the furthers. However unique unchanging part has appeared: the series is falling against twin distinguish slices — the daughter/chick scenes, also the lone woman events. The matrix has been assorted for the duos, however from the initial giving, besides in every after aria concert, “Outlines” has featured the unchanging doer, also she — the delicately lovely plus powerfully exotic Melena A — is emerging hardly merely as an actress in a series of groundbreaking sexy videos, however as Muse, Incentive, also Incentive for the expert notorious as Alis. “Outlines Scene 7 — I Like Myself” is abrupt — well timorous of 5 points in demolish dimension — however that brief doesn’t befall at the cost of fury. This story comprises different distinguish portions. The first is a thick nearby-up of Melena’s lovely ass as she steps around an undefined blank. In second she drags over the defeat till she’s staring crestfallen at a image further embarks to masturbate inspired by — also interacting accompanying — the thought of her conspicuous expression. The decisive article of this impressionistic entangle details the luminary as she stands, her abaft to a barricade, moreover rinses her gorgeous figure in the effusive, bubbly smashs from a well-shaken vessel of Champagne. Flirtatious imagery, mysterious symbolism, arresting sensuality, besides astonishing babe establish “Outlines Scene 7 — I Like Myself” deserving of like further contemplative thought.

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