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Melena A – Outlines Episode 1 – ShowTime
Released: September 13, 2015
Rules, conferences, furthermore our mutual prospects boost give public framework moreover provide singers beside both setting further happy. We go to a farce expecting to chuckle, to a thriller expecting to be fearful, moreover to a puzzle clip expecting to be surprised. Style videos can be fulfilling, however harsh arrangements can clog as well as contribute an performer. Alis Locanta gathers the rules, traditions, further our anticipations of provoking clip — moreover he pleasures in breaking, subverting, plus defying them. In this initial incident of hellos 4K series “Outlines” he profits to the sole gal masturbation detail — a kind in which he’s a respected commander — also grabs it in a pristine furthermore accidental care. The movie is ephemeral, however it is heavy, layered, difficult. The motion is backward, however the ocular vernacular is lush, complicated, engrossing. The chief has subtitled this film “ShowTime,” further documents it as “a Locanta imagine,” moreover that thumbnail is instructive: Reckon of this negative so many as a linear history, however as a ocular atmosphere ode. Melena A luminarys. She caresses an immemorial TV rigid, therefore sprains it on, staring at the white copy from bare inches abroad. We view what she’s watching: herself as she rises to grab remote her crisp heaves, the photograph grainy, the suffuses soggy. Melena A, present bathed in the candle from besides transfixed by the photograph on the eccentric-cam filter, confused in the point, diminishs her panties below her yearn limbs. She broachs to masturbate, her damp aperture glistening luridly in the cathode fire. Viewpoints vary. The perverted increments in brightness, the file amid the watcher also the saw spots. The fury creates, gliding, grinding, ratcheting upward. Furthermore therefore, publish — strong, incredible, captivating. Pleasant to “Outlines Story 1 – ShowTime.” Quit your anticipations at the hatchway further savor it.

Size: 455 MiB
Duration: 8mn 6s
Resolution: 1920×1080
Video: AVC, 23.976 fps, 8 000 Kbps
Audio: AAC, 2 channels, 91.8 Kbps